Hola mundo : )

Try a new blend!!!!

We want to thank you all for being such a great community!!!
Most of you got the free trial from mushmoresupplements.com which included the 7th heaven and spring garden mixes.
As a thank you, and one of our many deals for the month of Thanksgiving, we decided to offer a new promo that is basically another free trial (super cheap)


In order to give our community a chance to try a blend they've been eyeing up, we are offering a new "freetrialmushmore" coupon code.

This coupon is "freetrialmushmore" is good for the site mushmoremushmore.com. It is used at checkout and good for $22 off anything on the site. Most of our users have been getting the 5 packs which ends up coming to 3 dollars after the discount.

This is a great way to try a new blend, especially one of the ones are bringing back like invigoration or crazy chillin (should be back this week!)

Hope you all get to take advantage of this promo. And as always, make sure you are in the telegram group. Aside from being an awesome fun positive community of support, we will be sharing more deals there for the month.

Mush love!!!!!

Which blend are you going to try?!