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Mushmore Bonbons

Chocolate Bars & Bonbons


Indulge in the harmony of taste and wellness with our holistic chocolate bars and bonbons, where decadence meets natural goodness. Each exquisite creation is meticulously crafted to blend the rich flavors of premium chocolate with the holistic benefits of carefully selected ingredients. Chocolate bars – Infused with a blend of botanical extracts, each bar is designed …

Lions Mane
Turkey Tail
Caapi Vine
Amanita Muscaria

Functional Mushroom Tinctures & Others


Experience the essence of wellness with our alcohol-based tinctures, crafted for those seeking a potent and versatile natural remedy. Each tincture is formulated using premium ingredients and infused with botanical extracts to delivery maximum efficacy. Key features High Potency – Our alcohol based tinctures ensure rapid absorption and effective delivery of beneficial compounds. Versatility – …

Mindfulness 5
7th Heaven 5
Spring Garden 5
Concentrate 5
Rejuvenate 5
Brain Energy 5
Mushlove 5
Wild Energy 5
Mindfulness 15
7th Heaven 15
Spring Garden 15
Concentrate 15
Rejuvenate 15
Brain Energy 15
Mushlove 15
Wild Energy 15
Silly Chilly 15

Mushmore Blend Mix


This thoughtfully curated collection of blends incorporates the power of diverse mushroom species, each renowned for their unique health benefits and enriched with therapeutic benefits. Each blend is meticulously formulated to deliver precise amount of these potent mushrooms, ensuring consistent quality and efficacy. Elevate your holistic wellness journey with these varieties. Discover the the balance …


FreeTrial Pack


The free trial includes both Spring Garden and 7th Heaven. Spring Garden contains 125 mgs each of Lion’s Mane, Reishi, Cordyceps, and active ingredient. Lion’s Mane, also known as the bearded mushroom, contains polysaccharides that are beneficial to the body, brain, and heart including reducing inflammation and mild symptoms of depression and anxiety while boosting …


Black Mushmore hoodie


Black stylish hoodie!


MushMore Combo Pack! (5 variations)


Combination of sample pack! you will recieve a combo of all our best selling blends for the best price! 5 packs/ 5 capsules of : Mushlove , Mindful , Wild energy, Brain energy, Spring Garden. Cordyceps : Reduces Fatigue, antioxidants, overall wellbeing, increases exercise capacity/endurace, improves tolerance to high intense exercises. Daily Intake : 3-6 …